About us

Free At Last Marijuana.com is the brain child of two old friends in Rochester, NY Arnie Lichtenstein and Mitch Cohen.   Twenty Five years ago Arnie had a wholesale cookie company , Mitch a printing company next door.   They became fast loyal friends sharing a buzz.   Their friendship grew, their respective families became family, sharing vacations, the joy of their children,  grandchildren.  Arnie's son went to Colorado for a craft beer industry trade show in which he works.  Upon his return he was telling his dad what it was like regarding the legalized Marijuana Industry there.   It was then that Arnie shared his idea of FreeAtLastMarijuana.com with Mitch.

Together they applied for a trade mark in multiple areas.  At this time they have Free At last Marijuana T-Shirts, Messenger Bags & Baseball Caps.  They plan to include Hoodies, Hats, Bags, Umbrellas etc in the future.   Our goal is to have fun designs on functional products.   We hope you join us on this Trip!!